Curious Baby Hedgehogs Hop In The Sink And Have An Adorable Reaction



If you watch this video, you will see eight tiny hedgehogs scurrying around in the kitchen sink. Picking them up one by one, the person taking the video inspects each little hedgehog. With no audio, viewers are left to imagine the words being said and the sounds the hedgehogs are making. When the view is shown from above, it almost looks like eight pincushions in a sink. When each hedgehog is picked up, viewers can see their adorable little face, legs, and stomach.

Through their colorings, you can see which hedgehogs might be related. Four of them have the same dark color, and two are almost white. The remaining two have a beautiful blend of white and dark coloring. While they might all have different colors, all of their noses bounce while they sniff around them.

When being picked up, each little critter has a different reaction. Essentially, they have three different types of reactions: the “put me down NOW” look, the balling up in fear, and the sit back and relax until it’s over.

Curious Baby Hedgehogs Hop In The Sink And Have An Adorable Reaction

Hedgehogs as Pets

If you watch the video closely, you will see a smaller hand reaching into the sink to help out. With this, you can see a family owns these sweet animals. After seeing a video like this, many’s first reactions will be, “Would I want a hedgehog as a pet?” When it comes to keeping hedgehogs as pets, the most common breed is the African Pygmy.

Throughout North America, more and more people are choosing to own one of these tiny furballs. Making a great pet, hedgehogs hold a few secrets you should know about them before buying one. Being a wild animal, the hedgehog is nocturnal. Because of this, your little hedgehog may not be up for playing during the daytime. Also, their spines are as sharp as they look. This may make holding them a little unpleasant at times. Lastly, the diet of a hedgehog must be closely monitored or they could end up with obesity or brittle bones. If you keep all these things in mind, having a hedgehog as a pet would be a great addition to your home.

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