Puppy siblings have a friendly tug of war, one is the hands down winner


Siblings of all species have that moment when all they wanna do is sit on each other.
I know that growing up there was some knock down drag out struggles over toys, food and especially the TV.  It didn’t matter if I was older or he was bigger, we would go at it.  Until of course, Mom or Dad stepped in.



In an adorable video making the rounds, 2 puppies are seen enjoying a great game of tug of war. It is definitely something that will have you laughing out loud.  The moment sibling #1 remains laying down for the serious game, sibling #2 decides to take full advantage of his laziness.




The whole game is incredibly adorable we just cannot get enough of these two! When two puppies are raised together, they bond a lot more to their sibling than they do to their human companions.

If you enjoyed these two, check out the next siblings, they are total opposites of the playful pups above. These two have endless energy.


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