Dad can’t wait to meet his newborn, but then the door flies open


As fun and special as little ones can be, they can take a lot of energy from a parent. In a good sense of course, but still energy none-the-less. The same holds true for parents of puppies. There are the feedings, discipline and the play modes that puppies go through during most of their waking hours. One energy company capitalized on this fact, by making an adorable commercial of a father dog caring for his young ones.


The company is based in Belgian and the name of the company is Electrabel. This company has become more popular than before after they released their puppy commercial. The intent of the message was to show the viewers how much energy it takes to parent young ones. But in the process, this commercial has won over dog lovers everywhere.


It is humorous how Electrabel humanized the dog, by showing the expectant father dog wait in a hospital waiting room as his puppies are born. Then the nurse comes out and shows the proud father his cute puppies. The commercial goes on to showcase just how zapping of your energy, newborns can be.


The father dog, however, is a great dad throughout the commercial. No matter what kinds of child-rearing chores he does and no matter how crazy the puppies act, he just keeps plugging away at being a good parent. One has to wonder where the mother dog is. But that must be a story for another commercial.


The point of the commercial is “When your life changes, so does your energy consumption.” This advertisement is not in English. But no worries because the important parts are translated for you with text displaying on the screen. Or if you are like me and many other dog lovers, the important parts need no words. I hope that you enjoy this adorable father of 5 puppies in this video below.

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