Chubby Groundhog Munches On Man’s Garden


Jeff Permar started a garden outside his Delaware home. As the garden started to produce food, he got an unexpected visitor and his garden produce started to disappear. He was determined to find out who the thief was.


Chubby Groundhog Munches On Man’s Garden

“At first, I was very upset,” Permar said. “I have always been an avid gardener and dealt with tons of issues, but this was a first for us.”


Permar decided to set a camera up near his garden to catch the mystery thief in the act to know who he had to blame. But he never planned on becoming friends with the little thief.


When Permar found who the criminal was, he became instantly in love. The thief was not such a hard guy after all, but instead a cute and chubby groundhog.


“We didn’t know what to expect,” he said. “But we saw the video and enjoyed it so much. This guy is so amazing.”


Permar developed a friendship with the groundhog. He named him Chuck. Permar started to look forward to visits from Chuck.

It wasn’t long before Permar started his own YouTube page. He shared videos of Chunk eating his garden vegetables.“We get such a kick out of him,” Permar said.

What began as an unwanted varmint in Permart’s garden turned into a welcomed friend. Now Permar greatly looks forward to visits from his large rodent friend. The world would be a better place if we all could get along the way that Permar and Chunk do.

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“We all coexist,” he said. “This is his land, too. I just put a garden on it.”


Check Out Chunk Eating From His Friend’s Garden



Chunk Loves His Garden Veggies


Chubby Groundhog Munches On Man’s Garden