Cat goes viral after accomplishing the impossible task of putting a baby to sleep


Being a parent to a baby can be hard work. There are diapers to change, nutrition to be fed and cuddles to give out. Simple acts like putting the baby to sleep can be quite a task. Some people enlist family members or even a babysitter to help out. For one parent, the most common but also unusual helper showed up to put their baby to sleep. I’m not talking about a human helper. This nanny was of the feline kind.


Just take a look at this adorable video below of a tabby cat rocking a baby to sleep. Not only does the cat rock the baby, but the kitty seems very attentive also to the little one. It looks more like something that would happen in a cartoon. But as you will see, this is a real cat.


There are still myths that surface about cats and babies. Some believe a cat will steal a baby’s breath away. As silly as this seems, many people believe that. Hopefully, this video will help people see that cats can be a blessing around babies, especially when a bond is formed.


If you watch this video too many times, you may just get a little drowsy. I know I did. The lullaby playing, the swinging motion and the adorable cat make this a great video to watch before bedtime.  Being around animals has a way of lowering blood pressure and helping us to relax. Take a look, and see what you think.


Would you like to hire this cat as a nanny?




If you enjoyed this, make sure to share it with a friend. It may just put a smile on someone’s face and be a bright spot in their day. In a fast-paced world, maybe we all need to slow down and watch a cat rock a baby to sleep.

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