Dog relaxes in the pool on a sunny day

Hot summer days require lots of hydration and sunscreen. What else can help you beat the heat in the summer? On any sunny day, sitting poolside is definitely the ideal way to spend it. If you can not go to the beach, it is the next best thing. When the sun gets the best of you, a quick dip in the pool will cool you off. How fun a pool must be for dogs!

Dog relaxes in the pool on a sunny day

If you have ever seen a dog near a pool, chances are you know how much they can love it. The brave ones even venture to jump into the pool, or they play fetch. This sweet dog is one of those. She listens for his cue intently. His mom spells out s-w-i-m, and she knows exactly what that means. Once she spells out the magic word, this pup barks because she can not contain his excitement!

This dog’s name is Abby, and she sure knows her favorite word when she hears someone spell it. Afterward, her mom opens up the door. Watch as Abby sprints to her favorite spot. As soon as she gets there, she dives right on in! So funny.

We love sharing our pools with friends, but dogs are even better. It is so fun watching them splash around without a care in the world. Just like us, Abby plays hard when she plays in the pool. What could be cuter?

Not only do the dogs love it, but swimming is also fantastic exercise for our furry friends. Because they need the exercise, what better way for them to get it then by doing something they absolutely love.

We love swimming, and it is obvious Bella does too. Watch the video as Bella cools herself down on a hot summer day. Her owner sure knows exactly how to make this pup happy!

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